How much do tasting cost and how do they work?

Tastings cost $75 by appointment only.We provide you with three mini cakes with your choice of flavor and filling.Serves 3-4 and the leftovers can be taken home for a midnight snack or breakfast bonus. The consultation will be 45 minutes and during that time we will have a chance to connect, to design your cake. and to taste.If booked with Cake Life $25 of that fee goes towards your final balance of your cake. .

Do you deliver?

Delivery is $25 within Seattle limits. Venues outside Seattle delivery fee strictly depends on travel time and gas prices.

Do you provide cake stands?

  • Cake stands are available for a $50 rental fee, if returned within four days after the event & in good condition, $20 is refundable.

  • All cakes are built on a $25 clear acrylic-glass - which we need back after the wedding, these are expensive and reusable. The $25 will be refunded once returned.