How Sweet It Is

Victor, Idaho | Melissa & Chad get married

Melissa and I met in 2009 at More Cupcakes, my first job after graduating pastry school. Melissa pretty much ran the front of house and I was the newest addition to the cupcake decorating team. I made Melissa her 21st birthday cake in my kitchen while living on Webster Avenue in Chicago. There are plenty of memories I could spend a lifetime reminiscing about; however, we only have so much time and my fingers could potentially fall off from the amount of typing. Lets press fast forward - there was a period in time we had lived together for a couple years on Bell / North Avenue. After graduating Columbia for Journalism, Melissa set out to follow her dreams. Who knew her dreams would be discovered in Pocatello. I remember her saying I'm moving to Idaho of all places. In Idaho, Melissa landed a job newscasting for a local company and met Chad. Who knew Chad, this man she met one night out with a group of friends, would become her future husband. 

Melissa had reached out to me long before the wedding asking if I would do her wedding cake. She gave me free range on design but had one important request. It had to be marble cake, chocolate and vanilla. Those were the flavors of the first cake I had ever made her. As perusal time flew by and the wedding was approaching vastly. I will admit, I procrastinated but it all came together seamlessly! David, my roommate, accompanied me to the wedding. Thankfully due to the amount of driving that it in tailed. 

The wedding took place in Victor, Idaho. At a ranch called Moose Creek. We stayed in a glamp. If you are unfamiliar as for we were too. It is a glamorous way to camp. I saw my first shooting star, drank way to much alcohol but I mean all in celebration of course and felt like a celebrity for the night as David and I dished out slices of cake during the dance party. 

It was a weekend to remember and I am so happy for the both of them. Melissa you are one beautiful bride and I love you very much.