Magnolias & Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make a cake. Magnolia trees are blossoming all throughout my historic neighborhood of Louisville. It makes driving 10-15 minutes everywhere I go much easier. (Everything in this town just seems to be 10-15 minutes away; no closer, no further). 

Lately, citrus flavors have been on my mind, and I cannot help but to put them to use in my baked goods. Perhaps it could be that we are in the midst of spring; it is about time. I am happy to say I no longer have to spend another dreadful, long winter in Chicago; however, I do miss my city from time to time.

I have been trying to bake everyday since moving to Louisville. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed baking in my own kitchen at my own pace; it is very refreshing. On the other hand, I would not mind having a high tech oven like the one at my work. 

Reagan and I have been discussing where it is we will move next. And have been joking about the requirements of our next apartment: dishwasher, in laundry unit, high tech oven, hardwood floors. The list keeps growing day by day. 

A lemon chiffon cake, vanilla bean buttercream and caramel drizzle; topped with flowers I gathered on a Saturday afternoon jog with Reagan. 


Made with love and thoughts of Easter. Missing you Mom and Dad. 



Kate WinowitchComment