A childhood favorite

Today I was longing for home; family time. Easter reminds me of my grandmother, Sally or Sweetie, as she preferred. She would come to my parents house in the morning, dressed in bunny attire, with baskets filled to the rim with assorted candies. At the time, I found it hilarious and slightly embarrassing; however, you do not realize how much you miss those moments until you no longer have them. 

My mom is not much of a baker; although, she makes a killer banana bread. She has the special motherly touch. After talking to my parents this morning, I decided today would be the perfect day to use the bananas that have been sitting in my freezer for a special occasion. 

I made a vegan and gluten free buckwheat banana bread adapted from Forks&Beans recipe book. This bread was nothing like my moms; however, it was moist and delicious. 


Kate WinowitchComment