Apple and Almond Tart

It is amazing that I have lived in Louisville for over two months now. No kidding when they say life goes by fast; it truly does. Lately my time has been spent at the bakery, yoga studio and hanging out with Reagan. My favorite person. 

Reagan is getting his PHD in English at The University of Louisville. He was offered a fellowship which allowed him free schooling. On May 1st, he is officially done with course work and begins his dissertation for the next couple years. I am so proud of him. He is the smartest man I have met besides my father that is. 

This past weekend, he had asked me to bake something for the last day of his disability studies class. I made an almond frangipane with pink lady apples in a lovely pâte sucrée tart. I told him he could have all the credit but something tells me by the time he walked out the door he will have forgotten the components of this dessert. 

It is the week before Derby! Hooray! 

Kate WinowitchComment