Shapes & Cakes

It was finally Saturday; my day off after a long week at work. My kitchen, surprisingly, was looking bare from the lack of dessert on the counter. Reagan made sure to point that out. 

I pretty much had my Saturday mapped out. It would consist of the Douglass Loop Farmers Market, The Flea Off Market and date night with Reagan. The Douglass Loop Farmers Market was a bit of a let down; however, it is still early in the year. I am sure many more booths will pop up within the next month. On the other hand, The Flea Off Market was, as always, a delightful experience. And, I am not saying that just because I walked around devouring a scoop of Louisville Cream homemade peanut butter ice cream. 

My date night with Reagan was a surprise. He took me to Dakskin for dinner; our favorite Indian food restaurant in Louisville. It is a bit of a drive; however, worth it. Then, he took me to Z Bar to see Twin Limb; a band consisting of two female artist. It was fantastic!! 

And, for dessert... 

We had a lovely flour less cake in the shape of a heart. The only cake that cracks are okay. It was the perfect treat to a very special day.


Kate WinowitchComment